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Lastest news:
2 May 2022
Alexa company stopped to support alexa metrics.
24 June 2019
Starting from 1 of July we starting to remove all files and reports that are older then 15 days from moment when processing was finished (now is 30 days).
13 June 2019
Today we moving service to new server, please contact support in case of any problems.
13 June 2019
Today we moving service to new server, please contact support in case of any problems.
24 Sep 2018
There was some problems with domain, it was the reason why processing was slower.
25 May 2018
Uploaded file and related reports will be deleted automatically after 30 days or after click to "delete" button.
09 Oct 2017
Bulk processing was very slow today, fixed.
19 Aug 2017
Alexa metrics was not accessible during few hours, but we did fixes according to Alexa changes and it working fine now.
09 Feb 2017
Fixed issue with slow processing of little files
01 Feb 2017
File finishing was too slow, fixed.
08 Jan 2017
Fixed issue with processing of domains like this "easygame.xn--vuq861b".
29 Nov 2016
Alexa stopped to return "country where site is the most popular" (already working)
28 Nov 2016
Prices was updated.
28 Nov 2016
We find that "reach" metric is useless for our customers and remove it (service working faster now).
05 July 2016
Little changes in design of bulk upload form.
04 July 2016
Prices decreased, added price calculator.
08 June 2016
Implementation of "Traffic by Country" completed. Url of API was changed.
07 June 2016
We started to add "Traffic by Country" data in to service, page of "Alexa list checker" and "demo" is already affected.

Online Alexa Ranking Checker demo

This is online free Alexa Rank checker tool. Mass Alexa Rank check is limited with 100 urls per day per ip address, all other urls will be ingored.
List of data that you getting: traffic rank, links number, country iso2 (where site is the most popular), rank in country.
You need to input only one url or domain per one line, using of "http://" is optional. Example: or


Check for Alexa Rank in two easy steps!

It's the cheapest offer for Alexa Rank checking
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